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Pentecost XXV


Pentecost XXIV  This is the service from the Diocese of Virginia's Annual Convention held on November 14th.  The sermon is by the Rt. Rev. Susan Goff, the Eclesiastical Authority of the Diocese of Virginia.

Pentecost XXIII

Pentecost XXII All Saints Day   


Pentecost XXI

Pentecost XX  

Pentecost XIX

Pentecost XVIII  10-4-20  Service at St. John's

Pentecost XVII  9-27-20_The_Way_of_Love_for_a_Time_Such_as_This.pdf

Pentecost XVI9-20-20_The_Way_of_Love_Pentecost_XVI_Return__Learn.pdf

Pentecost XV 9-15-20_The_Way_of_Love-_Turn.pdf

Pentecost XIV  9-6-20_The_Way_of_Love_Pentecost_XIIII.pdf

Pentecost XIII 8-30-20_From_Rock_to_Stumbling_Block.pdf

Pentecost IX 8-9-20_Through_the_Storm.pdf

Pentecost VIII 7-26-20_Pentecost_VIII_Something_of_Value.pdf

Pentecost VII  7-19-20_Weeds_Seeds__the_Kingdom.pdf

Pentecost VI  7-12-20_Pentecost_VI_The_Good_Earth.pdf

Pentecost V 7-5-20 7-5-20_Pentecost_V_In_dependence.pdf

Pentecost IV  06-28-20_Slavery__Freedom.pdf

Pentecost III   6-21-20_Pentecost_III_Afterlife.pdf

Pentecost II   6-14-20_Sermon_for_the_Second_Sun_after_Pent.pdf 

Trinity Sunday 6-7-20_Pentecost_I_A_Call_to_Arms.pdf

Pentecost  5-31-20