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08-20-2017 Eclipse


Torrence's Weekly Message The Eclipse: Some Random and not-so-Random Thoughts 

Composite image of the eclipse from the Lowell observatory in Madras, Oregon.
*    Thank you, God, for having something eclipse (pardon the pun) the Media's absorption (and ours) with the news of other negative recent events in which they have exhibited OCD (obsessive and compulsive behaviors).

*    I wonder what ancient peoples thought when a total eclipse happened in their lives:  The end of the world was coming?  The Dark was trying to destroy the Light in a battle of Good versus Evil (personifications of light and dark)?  If so, imagine the relief they must have felt when the light returned!  What stories did they tell later of their experience of the event "to their children and their children's children" (to use an Old Testament term to encourage the remembering of an event and its implication for life).

*    I should have used the idea of "eclipse" in my sermon last Sunday as an appropriate image for hate trying to blot out/eclipse love in so much of what is going on in our world today.

* The constant reminders that we had to wear protective eye-gear when focusing on the eclipse.  How that relates to the idea in my sermon last Sunday that we need protection (put on the vision of God's love and mercy) when we confront that which is dark and potentially damaging in our lives.
*    The intensity of what was happening during the solar eclipse depended on whether one was in the direct path of the event or farther away.  Is this not true of any dark event and our relationship to and with what's happening?

*    The beautiful and sustaining words in the Prologue to John of Christ coming into the darkness of the then world to be the life and the light of the world: "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it." (John 1:5) 
*    The visual of our taking in the light so that it nourishes and sustains us from within.  Thank you, grandson George Dickerson for the interesting eclipse picture you took when the family went to Tennessee to view the eclipse.
*    Just why did I NOT use the eclipse in my sermon last Sunday?  God only knows.

*    I wonder how I can use the eclipse in my sermon this upcoming Sunday. Maybe, maybe not, but it is intriguing.  You and I will have to wait and see.  Only God knows right now.

*    I'd love to hear any of your random or not so random thoughts as you experienced the eclipse. E-mail me at torrence.harman@aol.com.